Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Webseries Killed

And just like that, the webseries is dead.

I started work on the webseries with the plan that my normal freelance hours were not going to pick up until later this summer, by which time I had hoped to be ahead in episodes to allow me to work both webseries and video editing at the same time.

Well that plan got quickly scrapped when I picked up some work from some old client's. It was supposed to be 2 quick jobs which has avalanched into 6 more jobs and more are coming. I'm not complaining as money is always good. It just means that I need to reorganize.

I'm taking the first story idea I had which would have filled season 1 of the webseries and turning it into a trilogy of short films. This gives me more time to expand the story. There were certain things that felt rushed in the webseries format. This added time allows for the story to unfold at a better pace. Also, I'm not feeling as rushed to crank out an episode. I had this feeling, even though I wasn't launching until April, that I needed to get as many episodes finished as I could. This change allows me to slow down a little and make sure that certain things are exactly (or close to) how I want them.

There are many other benefits to going the short film route, and I'll cover those both here and in the production blog for the trilogy as the time arises.

I'm not going to lock myself into any firm dates or timelines for completion of each short just yet, but I would like to try and release one every 6-8 months. People are used to waiting years for a feature film sequel, so months might be reasonable and even if it goes longer I doubt it's going to be years between shorts.

And yes, I do believe that releasing every 6-8 months is achievable.

So there's the current plan. I'll update here with the new production blog site for the trilogy when it's ready.