Saturday, January 27, 2007

Working hard....

So, I've been working hard during the first month of the year, and it wasn't on film related stuff!!!! I offered my 3D modeling services to my friend Chris, since the company he works for had him needing to model a low poly version of the Forbidden City in China. If Chris had to do this all by himself, on top of his other duties at work, low poly would have meant boxes trying to fake being buildings. While my model was almost exactly boxes trying to be buildings, there was enough shape to actually fake it more than what Chris would have been able to do (in the time alloted), and he's told me as such. So, this not only gave me an in to this company (his boss loved the model), it also saw me getting a paycheck for 3D for the first time in almost 8 years. It was fun modeling again, and I'm looking forward to doing another project for these guys.

Here's a render of the model, with no textures...

Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

As the old year passed, I was busy working on fixing a disc image that wasn't wanting to burn correctly, while chatting with my friends in Louisiana. My wife mentioned to me the other day that what ever you are doing when the New Year starts, is what you will be doing for the entire year... God I hope not!!! That image was a pain in the rear!!

So, the New Year starts, my one son is a year older, and I'm still trying to get off my butt and finish a project. This _WILL_ be the year it will happen. I'm planning on making at least several shorts this year and hopefully start on a feature project. The past year I did get involved in several projects, which are still being worked on. Even started a couple myself that are still ongoing. Post work can be a bitch!

So, have yourself a safe and happy New Year! Happy Birthday Cole! See you all around!