Sunday, December 11, 2011

The DVDs They Haunt Me...

Wow... What a month it has been. On top of Thanksgiving here in the USA and Christmas coming up, I was given 3 new DVD jobs to work on, as well as a couple of other clients projects.

Let's go back a bit though... Remember those DVDs from the beginning of September? (link here) After turning in the fixed DVDs, I thought I was finished them. Turns out they needed to add an whole new language subtitle to all 3 DVDs. Why they couldn't have done it back when I was authoring the originals, I will never know. So, I got to go through and re-author the discs. I saw this as kind of a good thing in some regards. It gave me the chance to go back and clean up the menus a little and fix some things that bothered me about the original authoring. Now the menu's are cleaner with the highlighted selection and the flow of the disc layout in DVD Studio Pro is much more readable.

The second DVD project was a straight forward, replace footage with new footage and remove certain people from the video entirely, then re-author the disc using a new menu. Simple, straight forward, no issues.

The third and final DVD project was supposed to be pretty simple as well, but it turned out not to be so simple... Client wanted video from the 3 DVD set inserted into a similar video for a different region. However, the video itself is of a different length, and wouldn't fit either the subtitled track, nor the voice over track. Unfortunately, the only way to move forward with this would be to use the video from the 3 DVD set and then redo the entire subtitles and voice over work.

The other client work was straight forward video editing and After Effects work. Nothing overly spectacular about it.

Right now, the only other client work that's on the horizon is set for late January or early February. So maybe I'll be able to work on some of my own stuff now!

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